jaguarcello (jaguarcello) wrote in thisisnotlondon,



 does anyone know how to find it? albion archives has been deleted. I read it years ago and really want to again! 

if you can find it, could you email it to

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Hey, it is still posted on light_fingers' locked personal lj starting here: I think if you add her as a friend you should be able to read it and all her other stories? If that doesn't work for you though, let me know and I can email you my word doc copy!
I can't get in sob(

actually I can't get into any of the ones I want to read, forever sobbing (do I need to add peoplea s friends? i'm quite new here haha xx
No worries, lj can be kind of complicated :). if you go to the main page of her journal and click on the 'add them as a friend' button on the top of the page it should allow you to view all of her entries even if she hasn't added you as a friend back, at least according to some others who have tried? But now that I've gone to your journal I see you've already done that and you still can't view them?

I've already sent you a word doc with Playing Games in it, I can send you ones with the rest of her stories in them if you'd like them too?
thanks so much! do you think you caould send me some of the other ones too? everything is ties and nothing hurts andi h ave needs aha thnks!
sorry, I didn't see this till now, i just sent them!