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My unhealthy new obsession with Playing Games...

When I fall in love with something, I fall in love real quick.

...I started reading this yesterday.
...I read all 14 chapters in a row except for when I had to leave half-way through the last one after my Mother's cries of "Katherine! We never see you! You're always at school or locked away in your room with your music loud on that damned computer doing god knows what!" (wouldn't she like to know, heh)
...I now have tie!fic references written on my school folder, diary, notes, and arm etc
...I made my friend make me badge saying "I <3 Tie!Fic". I shall take a pic of it tomorrow for you :P
...My friends are already sick of me talking about it
...I keep slipping random bits of it into conversation and no-one understands what I am talking about
...This story has taken over my brain and I dont think I can function anymore
...I got my school tie that I wear in winter out and pulled down my tunic uniform into a skirt and put my tie on and OH JESUS I AM SOPHIE. Really!! May even take picture of me with badge on + tie to prove to you :->
...I find myself thinking of this story when I am doing other things that I should be concentrating on e.g. Waterpolo goal keeping duties at Grand Finals, English Literature listening assessments, one on one sessions with my Year Director at school about "My problems" and "What is wrong with me" :D :D :D

Anyway, I think i have rambled on enough for one crap intro post. Sup, so I am Kat and am perverted dirty corrupted school-girl. I started reading NC-17 fanfiction when I was 12, and I dont think I was ever the same afterwards, LMAO. Bye :-*
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