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So the night before Halloween spivvy and I got really high and began role playing Peter and Carl. Somehow it ended up with us reenacting a bit of tie!fic?!!!

saint bernard x: pete: *takes carl's face in hands* you are so beautiful
: carl: i know.
saint bernard x:
pete: lolz can i put eyeliner on you plz plz plz ololz
: carl: you're gonna poke my eye out!
 witchvampirewhoa: carl: why do you like putting makeup on me anyway
 saint bernard x:
pete: lolz brings out your eyes
: carl: well... i suppose if you MUST. i do have pretty blue eyes..

 saint bernard x
: pete: *squeals* yay!
: carl: you're so cute when you squel Bilo. lolz.
 saint bernard x:
pete: ok now hold still lololz
 saint bernard x
pete: *whips out eyeliner*
: carl: i'm a little scared
witchvampirewhoa: carl: are you sure you're off the crack?
saint bernard x:
pete: *sits on carls lap* now stay stillllllll
: carl: *prepares for pain*
 saint bernard x:
pete: you are 9350392x better than the crack

 witchvampirewhoa: (wtf are we reenacting Playing Games LMAO)
saint bernard x: (LOL WE ARE)
: (LOL we are so kewl)
saint bernard x: (OMG YEAH AHHAH)

: carl: i love you peter patrick doherty
 saint bernard x: pete: and i love you carl ashley raphael barât
 saint bernard x
: pete: *snickers* lol ashley
witchvampirewhoa: carl: shut up you twat
  saint bernard x: pete: ehehehe
: carl: play guitar for me and let me read your diary entries about how much you want to shag me
 saint bernard x: pete: oh alright but only if we skip school and go to not-london tomorrow!
 saint bernard x
: pete: and i snog you breathless in an alley plz oh yes yes yes plz
: Carl: but then a creepy ugly guy will try to put his hands down my trousers!
 saint bernard x: pete: ill kick his ass mmkay and then we can go snog against a fence lolz
: carl: lolz okay. but then you have to let me give you a blow job. it'll be my first one but i'll be really good at it. Lolz

 saint bernard x: (LMFAOOOOOOO)
witchvampirewhoa: (LOLZ that chapter was sex)

saint bernard x: pete: lolz ok plz dont kiss johnny borrell afterwards though! it makes get all jealous and snog sophie and jump on you during math class lol
 saint bernard x
: pete: you are so much more interesting than fractions  
saint bernard x: pete: i think the best fraction is me over you, babyy
: carl: lolololz. but i only kissed johnny to see if i only had feelings for you.
 saint bernard x: pete: ps I WANT YOU YOU GOT THAT PART RIGHT?
 saint bernard x: pete: lol i owe you a fiver i didnt think you were going to do it
: carl: yeah, give me my money, cunt!
 witchvampirewhoa: carl: (but i love you)
 saint bernard x: pete: you're going to have to findddd it ;-)
witchvampirewhoa: carl: lolz. *reaches into front pockets* oooh.. i feel something...
 saint bernard x: pete: ooh ehehe *falls into carls arms*
: carl: *rips off pete's shirt in Hulk fashion*
 saint bernard x: pete: heyyy i liked that shirt.. *mourns shirt*
saint bernard x
: pete: BUT I LOVE YOU *jumps carl*
witchvampirewhoa: carl: *snogs* let's do it up against the closet door. its sexier that way
 saint bernard x: pete: mmyeah *pins carl against closet door*
: carl: the doorknob is digging into my back but i dont care! i just want YOU!!!
 saint bernard x: pete: *attacks carls lips in a flurry of passion*
: carl: omg why are you still wearing my trousers
 saint bernard x: pete: lol i dont know they are awfully short on me
 saint bernard x
: pete: *leers suggestively* want to do something about it?
: carl: ehehehe
 witchvampirewhoa: carl: *goes down on knees, pulls them off with teethe*
saint bernard x: pete: on your knees again, eh? lolz
: carl: it gives me a good view of you, yeah. lolz. but its not fair cos i gave you a blow job but you never gave me one. and then you got to shag me up the arse, but i never got to do it to you
 saint bernard x: pete: aww carlos *plays with carls hair* you can take me if you want..

Aww, Carl feels deprived! whichiswhyElneedstowriteasequel. :P

“Come on, Carlos. What’ll it take to make you do it?”

Pete, despite being seventeen years old, and male, is pouting at him. Pouting and straddling him; warm thighs tight around his waist. Presumably Pete thought sitting on him would make him more likely to give in. Which, to be fair, it would be, if they were talking about something that didn’t involve Carl wearing eyeliner.
    -- Chapter 13 xx

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